Kind Words

"My husband and I felt incredibly fortunate to be able to work with Laura! She went above and beyond supporting us through this transition, ensuring we were equipped with the skills and knowledge we needed as new parents! We are so thankful for Laura and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for postpartum doula services!"

Samantha M.
Irvington, NY

"I am so grateful for Laura’s support after the birth of our son earlier this summer. After having lost my daughter at 39 weeks pregnant last year, I was so anxious during pregnancy and knew I needed help. I couldn’t get myself to do any reading or prep prior to his arrival as I had too much PTSD from last year. As a result I was incredibly  worried I wasn’t prepared at all for caring for a baby, but Laura came to the rescue and made me feel calmer and reassured me that everything would be ok. She visited us the day after we got out of hospital and put our minds at ease by answering all our questions. Over the next month she taught us all the basics we needed to know to feel more confident as parents. There is nothing like learning by watching and doing, and together with Laura we mastered everything from the first bath, to bottle feeding to baby wearing. Along with it came many anecdotes and tips for things to buy we would have never considered (but have made our lives a million times easier). 

Laura was super responsive and flexible and always worked around our schedule and needs. 

I can’t thank Laura enough for her support and can only recommend you make that worthwhile investment into you and your child. You won’t regret it!"

Janina l.
Glen Rock, NJ

"I reached out to Laura to acquire about her services and from our first conversation, she made me feel comfortable, understood, and a little less stressed. Laura continued to stay in contact with me, providing guidance and reassurance. After our baby boy arrived, she assisted us with his care and provided a wealth of knowledge that helped us feel more confident as new parents. She was professional, insightful, and flexible. Overall she provided the respite and support we needed those first few weeks and we cannot thank her enough."

Ashley A.
West Haverstraw, NY

"Laura was referred to us by a family friend a few months before our beautiful daughter was born. As first time parents with little to no experience with babies, my husband and I agreed that we needed professional and knowledgeable support when coming home for the first few weeks. Throughout the whole first month, Laura guided us, taught us the basics of raising a newborn, showed us how to do things for the first time such as feeding, bathing, changing, learning how to do tummy time, teaching us how to help our baby roll, swaddling, etc. Laura was very hands on with our daughter and we all appreciated Laura’s calming, patient, loving personality. She also eased my own anxieties of being a first time mom, who was stressed about being home alone with a baby. One thing that was also very important to my husband and I was safety and what products we should and shouldn’t use. Laura guided us on which products were her favorite and gave us suggestions on what our daughter would potentially like and benefit from.  All of the knowledge and resources Laura provided us with, we were able to teach to our family members, which made it a very transition for all of us as a family. Now being parents to an almost 2 month old, we feel so much more happy, confident and eased in raising our baby. We already miss having Laura with us in our home and with our daughter,  but know that she is only a phone call or text away when we need her."

Ariana W.
Congers, NY

"I started working with Laura when my youngest daughter was 3 weeks old. She is almost three months now, and I still request support from Laura whenever she is available because she makes such a positive impact on both my daily routine and my emotional well-being. Laura has a very soothing personality (for both kids and adults). When she's here I feel confident that my baby is in the best hands, freeing me to handle some tasks that require two hands--or even take a nap!

I also have a 5-year-old, so scheduling some time with Laura in the afternoons after school lets out has made a huge difference. Most often I have asked her to care for the baby while I concentrate on my Kindergartener, but Laura has also switched seamlessly between the two kids—if the baby needs to nurse, Laura has been wonderful at entertaining her big sister so that she doesn’t feel left out.

Laura has also been a significant source of reassurance and information—it’s clear she is very knowledgeable and experienced, but she shares her perspective in a style that is supportive rather than superior (I had an issue with another caregiver, so I'm particularly sensitive to how advice/opinions are given). She shares insights and makes helpful suggestions in such a way that it's clear that she cares and wants the best for her clients of all ages. She treats both my girls with genuine affection, and they both respond wonderfully to her.

My husband and I (and our older daughter) look forward to our afternoons with Laura because we know everything will run more smoothly with her here!"

Ali Z.
Harrison, NY

"I am so glad and grateful that we had Laura during the first two weeks after our daughter was born!  As a doula, Laura is very professional and knowledgeable. She knows what she is doing, such as feeding, changing and soothing the baby. She also gives us very good suggestion regarding to some baby essentials.  And most importantly, she is very caring! She treats our baby like her own grandchild and we really appreciate Laura’s help. I will certainly recommend Laura to anyone else who needs a doula!"

Yanjun Zhu
Rye Brook, NY

"Laura was our postpartum doula and I highly recommend her. She cared for my newborn baby overnight for many nights and she obviously enjoys babies. Laura is knowledgeable, warm, and friendly. It was the first time I had a postpartum doula and it was so worthwhile. I was able to rest and recover at night. I'm so glad that Laura came highly recommended and that she was with us during that time." 

Helen Shaw
Allendale, NJ

"My family and I had a wonderful experience working with Laura. She helped us out with our son for the first two months. We are new parents and had very little idea what we were doing. Not only did we get to catch up on our sleep, but she also helped us troubleshoot issues we faced during the day. In addition to helping us learn how to take care of a newborn, she became a good friend of ours and we always enjoyed our conversations with her. Even our cats were excited to see her whenever she came over. We really appreciate her help and support. Taking care of a newborn is tough but it’s so much easier when you have a knowledgeable, supportive friend like Laura."

Laura G.
White Plains, NY

"My husband, baby girl and I were so lucky to have Laura come work with us and help us during the first week we were home from the hospital. Being around Laura's calm and nurturing personality was so reassuring and helpful during this time. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise in all things newborn helped put us first time parents (with zero newborn experience) at ease. She helped us learn and feel more equipped to take care of our little girl. She really gave us the confidence we were lacking and provided us with lots of useful tricks, tips and advice while never being pushy or judgmental. Her knowledge as a feeding specialist was also very useful. We highly recommend her! We look forward to continuing our relationship with her, knowing that she played a vital role in the first week of our daughter's life."

Samantha Goldman
White Plains, NY

​"All three of us (mom, dad, and baby) are so grateful we had Laura during this exciting and transitional (and at times very challenging!) time. I originally sought her services so I would be able to get a little extra sleep as a new mom, but we got so much more than that. Laura is very knowledgeable about babies - from feeding to sleeping to play time to health and hygiene - and her consultation about these important topics was very helpful to us as new parents. She is professional and personable. I felt calmer and like I could relax when she was with our baby, which are priceless feelings when you’re utterly sleep deprived and just trying to survive! Thank you Laura for your help and expertise- I would recommend you to any parent!"

Misa Nuccio
Mamaroneck, NY

"As first time parents, Laura was a tremendous resource to my husband and I when we welcomed home our baby boy. She was a caring, knowledgeable professional that helped us gain confidence in so many aspects of newborn care. Having Laura’s expertise in feeding was especially helpful and reassuring. Laura was and will continue to be our sounding board when we need guidance or recommendations. She always gave us great advice, tips/tricks and pointed us in the right direction. In addition to Laura’s genuine interest in our son, she was a great partner to me as a new mom during my postpartum recovery. We highly recommend Laura as a postpartum doula, and are beyond appreciative for all she has done for our family."

Lauren Zelnick
Fairlawn, NJ

​"When my husband and I decided to hire a postpartum doula we asked around for recommendations and then ‘interviewed’ a few so we could get a feel for who was the best fit for us.  Laura was the first we had talked to and even though I had other appointments set up with other people, I knew inside that Laura was who we were going to choose!  You could tell even on this very first phone call how friendly and approachable she is.  I felt comfortable telling her all the good, the bad, and the ugly with what she would find with our family and she was just so easy to talk to that it made me feel confident we would be in good hands once home from the hospital.  I was given so many different scenarios from doctors of when my baby was actually coming so I thought it would be difficult to get set up with Laura regarding logistics, but she was so friendly and flexible and worked with us around all of the unknowns of having a new baby.  The two weeks we had her come for overnights were beyond helpful as my husband and I were both able to get more sleep than we would have ever been able to get without her.  She had great advice and helpful hints and was very professional, but my absolute favorite thing was the conversations we had during nursing sessions; it was like I was out grabbing a coffee with a good friend talking about all sorts of things that didn’t only revolve around babies!  It was a really nice two weeks, and I highly recommend Laura as your postpartum doula!"

Danielle Luftman

New City, NY

"Laura has been an amazing support! Having a baby during Covid changed all of my plans, including not being able to have the in person help I thought I was going to have when I came home from the hospital. Although Laura may not have been with me physically, she still devoted hours of her time and walked me through everything as much as she possibly could. She was there for me every step of the way, and checked in on me daily. No question went un answered and Laura truly made me feel like a priority. She is a wealth of knowledge, calming, and very reassuring. She never made me feel judged, and supported every decision I made."

Marissa Vogelhut Kellman
New City, NY

"Laura is a phenomenal postpartum doula and newborn care expert-- I recommend her in the highest regard! She is a true professional who knows her stuff, extremely well versed in newborn care, especially the science and research behind all things sleep, feeding, and overall well being of children. Laura is kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and a rock. She was my rock in the early weeks of my son's life and she continues to be one of the first professionals I call when a question arises with any facet of raising my son. I appreciate that she is incredibly dedicated to her field, as per her vast knowledge and also someone that I trust implicitly. I cannot recommend Laura highly enough and am so deeply thankful for her in my family's life. Don't hesitate to hire her-- she is simply the best of the best!"

Katrina Lempenski
Sleepy Hollow, NY

"I cannot say enough incredible things about Laura. She is amazing. Laura helped me from day one feel more comfortable and gave me the confidence to be a better mother and person. She is smart, caring, and patient, and helped me in every area of being a mew mom. Laura gave mt son his first bath and his second. She worked at my pace and never pushed me to move faster than I was ready for. I will use Laura for every baby I have in the future and I would recommend anyone I know who is pregnant to meet with Laura. Thank you Laura for your love and support and just EVERYTHING!"

Lindsay Whitman
Fort Lee, NJ

"Over the summer my daughter had her first baby. She and her husband were nervous but willing to learn the best ways to care for their baby. Laura guided them through phone calls and visits during the start of their new life as parents. She gave them the knowledge, skills and confidence that many new parents lack so that their first few weeks and months as parents went as smoothly as possible. The baby made great strides right away in a feeding and sleeping schedule. The support they received from Laura let them enjoy this time and not be frazzled. I wish every new parent could have the experience that Laura provided. She is full of so much knowledge and presents it in such a loving and caring way. Thank you Laura for all you did for my family!"

Marion Arbucco
West Nyack, NY

"Laura Wanamaker was my Doula from March 2019 through May 2019.  She was an excellent communicator who was always available when needed.  She arrived promptly for scheduled visits.  She offered great tips on feedings, appropriate weight gain for my newborn, engaging and manipulative toys, sleep schedules, and all newborn related tasks.  Laura assisted with bathing my son, cleaning and sterilizing bottles, organizing changing areas, and rocking my newborn during naps.  She was a kind and gentle woman who was soothing to my baby boy.  She introduced me to a Lactation Specialist who proved to be a great resource.  Laura was very helpful in assisting me during the recovery period after my c-section. I would highly recommend Laura as your Postpartum Doula."

Diane D.
Wayne, NJ

​"Laura was a wonderful postpartum doula. We had a lot of support from family for practical things, but we were looking for advice from Laura on how to take care of our newborn. She has a lot of experience, as well as the most up-to-date knowledge, and the best thing was she didn’t try to convince us one style of parenting was better than the other, but rather she helped us parent the way we wanted to, and find what works best for us, for our lives and for our baby. It was incredible to receive tailored advice. We are very grateful for Laura’s help. Our baby is thriving and Laura helped get us a lot more sleep! Finally, she is a kind and generous person, and it was a pleasure to be in her company."

Linda S.
Suffern, NY 

​"Laura has been an amazing asset to our family. I started working with Laura when my son was one month old. As a  first time mom, I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. My son also had some feeding issues as a newborn. She showed us different types of bottles to try, as well as different options for formula that may be more appealing to our son. Laura has been amazing from day one! Offering my husband and me advice on how to help our son eat more and giving us great recommendations for baby soothing methods and tips on helping us work towards him sleeping more. Laura provided us with endless support on any question we had along the way. Laura is compassionate, professional, and very knowledgeable. She is truly an angel. I couldn’t imagine not having Laura’s help in those early, fuzzy, sleep deprived days."

Jessica Douksza
New City, NY

"Laura started working with my family two weeks after my baby was born. Her expertise, guidance, and caring nature helped make my life as a first time mom manageable and most importantly, enjoyable. Most of all, I have Laura to thank for helping me gain the confidence I needed to handle all of the ups and downs of having a new baby. Knowing I was working with someone so knowledgeable helped me (and continues to help me!) be a better mom every single day. I cannot thank Laura enough!"

Anne Y.
Montvale, NJ

​"Laura was a wonderful overnight Doula. She spent 2 to 3 nights a week with us for the first few months after the birth of my son. She was truly a lifesaver! As a first time mom, I had so many questions and concerns. Laura is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent resource. She is friendly, professional and so easy to talk to. She was so wonderful with our son and made sure we got the maximum amount of rest we needed to be at our best. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Barrie Schwarz
Pompton Plains, NJ

"Laura Wanamaker has been an essential element in the care plan for out newborn twins. She is knowledgeable, caring and professional. Thanks to Laura, my husband and I survived the first couple of months of twin life with more sleep than we bargained for along with the peace of mind that our boys were in good hands. Laura has also shared many great tips, products and resources that we've incorporated into our daily routine. We are so grateful that we found her."

Lauren Fonda
Hartsdale, NY

"I started working with Laura the second week after having my son. As a first time mom and having endured a traumatic birth, I felt completely overwhelmed until Laura got involved. She was a complete lifesaver! She gave me advice, taught me essential baby soothing methods, guided me through big breast feeding hurdles, and provided emotional support. I really don't know if I could have done it without her and will be recommending her to everyone I know!"

Margo VH
Montvale, NJ

"We were so lucky to have Laura as our postpartum doula! She was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and so caring. During the first few weeks after my son was born, I struggled with breastfeeding and experienced three breast infections. Laura dropped everything to assist our family in a time of great need and we will always be grateful for her help. I can't recommend Laura enough! You and your family will be in wonderful hands."

Robyn Mate
Hillsdale, NJ

"I found Laura through my Mother-In-Law.  It's our first baby and was born six weeks premature and spent over a week in the NICU.  I didn't know If I really needed help or how to find it.  I didn't really understand what a Postpartum Doula and Newborn  Specialist was.  Laura encouraged my husband to find one in our area, but it was all so overwhelming.  Laura worked with me through the phone and on email.  My son and I both had thrush and it took a long time to go away.  It also helped when Laura suggested to see my doctor and the pediatrician. Being that I went back to pumping, Laura strongly encouraged having a lactation consultant with me when I tried to breastfeed again. Laura wanted to make sure the latch and positioning was correct. Laura helped me decipher accurate information on the web also.  She made suggestions that I would not have thought of like adding probiotics daily. It was so easy to trust Laura and encourage me to continue the path I wanted to take with our baby."

​Lauren H.
Atlanta, GA

"I had the pleasure of working with Laura to established a bedtime routine for my two month old son. Laura was very hands on and made me feel very comfortable with her in my home. She sat down with me and was very generous with her time and knowledge. What I appreciate the most working with Laura was her patience. We both understood establishing a bedtime routine for a newborn can be challenging and would take time and repetition, but after a few nights my son got the hang of it and I am now using that bedtime routine every night. Laura has made it a point to follow up with me after we worked together. I look for resources and I try my best to provide my baby with the best care and Laura is a great resource when it comes to child care. I am very happy that I got the opportunity to work with Laura and will recommend her services to my friends and family."

Donna Poulard
White Plains, NY

"My husband and I hired Laura after she was recommended to us by one of the midwives at White Plains Hospital.  Laura was a breath of fresh air - while being a new parent can feel overwhelming at first, Laura was quick to step in and let us know that we were doing great and she was encouraging from the get-go. 

She was extremely helpful when it came to getting our baby to latch on for breast feeding.  Each day with Laura, we saw progression with our child, who is now able to BF no matter where he is with common household distractions (TV, dog barking, etc.) or not.  Any questions we had, Laura was able to answer.  She helped guide us in giving our child his first bath.  She also encouraged us to visit the lactation class offered at the hospital as well for further expertise and guidance from the lactation consultants there. 

Having Laura postpartum was invaluable to my new family and especially to me as a new mom.  I was anemic at first and she also helped guide me towards iron-rich foods that I should be eating and telling me to get off my feet and rest as much as I could.  She made herself available to us via facetime and text as well and helped us with our feeding schedule for our newborn early on.  Just knowing that we could call her up even at night was so comforting as we often had questions. She was also super helpful with providing us with common milk safety guidelines for bottled milk. 

Hiring Laura was a fabulous decision and we would recommend her services highly to other moms and families that are in need of postpartum services or even someone to help support you and chat with you after having your new baby.  Laura was thoughtful and easy to connect with - her personality is one that easily fits right in with any family and we look forward to keeping in touch with her as our son grows. Thank you so much for everything Laura!!!"

​Susan Breaznell  
White Plains, NY

"As a first time mother who had a very difficult delivery, Laura truly was a godsend. She took a lot of time getting to know me, my baby, and even my pets, so that I was able to feel really comfortable trusting her with my baby so I could get some much needed rest.

​There are so many things I didn't know as a first time parent that Laura was just so helpful with, first and foremost regarding breastfeeding, as well as establishing a schedule, helpful hints for bathing the baby, and also my own health and recovery. Having her help really made what could have been an extremely difficult period an opportunity to learn about my baby and more time to bond with him. What Laura provided was invaluable."

Katherine Mueller
West Harrison, NY

"From the minute we met Laura, we loved her. We could easily sense that she was loving and nurturing and at the same time focused and in control. Exactly what one wants from the person you are entrusting the most important people in your life with – your children. Within weeks, Laura became not just our nanny, but a part of our family. And her role in our family became even more important after we brought our newborn home from the hospital, after only four months of Laura starting with us. During this time she became another mother to our almost 2 year old, making sure we were able to meet the typical demands of a newborn, all while ensuring our older daughter did not feel any less special. Since we would be returning back to work after maternity leave ended, Laura also jumped right in to learn the day to day happenings with our baby. Like many babies, ours was not a good napper. But there was Laura, exhibiting the patience that she brings to every interaction she has with our children, and helping us get through those trying and tiring days. 

One of the most important qualities we found that Laura possesses is how comfortable she makes you feel in communicating your wants and how respectful she is in following them. She recognizes that each family may want things done in their own way and has no problem acclimating to how each family operates. During the hectic time of bringing home a new baby and readjusting to work/life once returning back to work after maternity leave, we all breathed easier knowing that Laura was there for us. Our children thrived under her care and we will never forget how much she has done for our family. We all absolutely adore her."

Kim & Elizabeth Osgood
New City, NY

"My husband and I first met Laura six years ago, when our son was 1 years old. We were looking for someone to watch him, and occasionally his sister (then 4 years old), a couple of days a week. What we found in Laura was an experienced and confident professional, a mom herself, and we knew immediately that she was the perfect choice. 


Laura is a deeply caring person and we all loved having her in our home. Laura was an active and attentive caregiver, taking our son to the park and on walks through town and to music classes. We always felt she was willing to do whatever was needed for him and us in any given situation. She would also offer her guidance from her experience as a parent whenever we’d ask, which became an invaluable perk.


Laura truly invested herself in our children and made us feel that we had a partner in raising them. It still feels that way. She still watches them on occasion and we all consider Laura a part of our family."

Jessica Goodman
Nyack, NY